Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Change Is In The Air!

Hello everyone, I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have posted any type of post. It has been a busy few months and time just flew by. Everything has been going great, the weather is finally summer like and has been really nice lately.

Westminster's graduation happened a few weeks ago, I can't believe it has been a year since I graduated, time just goes by so quickly. Instructing has been going great, I had three of my students pass their Private Pilot check ride. It is a great feeling knowing that I was able to teach someone all about flying enough that hey can now go on their own and safely operate an aircraft.

I recently received a job offer for a school in Northern Texas and decided to take the position. I haven't ever been to Texas but decided to take a change and move there. I will be taking a long drive there bringing all my stuff with me. It was a very hard decision to make but will help with my overall career goal.

This will be my last blog on this site, but I am planning on creating another blog that I will manage to keep sharing the adventure of getting to the professional pilot position. I wish all the future and current Westminster students luck with everything and hope you truly enjoy your time at the school. Westminster is honestly a special place and I will miss everyone that is part of the school, make sure you make the most of your time while you are attending the school.

If anyone has any questions for me or would like a link to my new blog post please let me know. I look forward to keeping in touch with people at Westminster and hearing about the great things that happen.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Enjoying An Aviation Spring Break!

What a great and busy two weeks! Last week I had the opportunity to go up to the Seattle area and attend the Northwest Aviation Conference. This past week was spring break for Westminster students so I went down to St. George, Utah where the school offers a trip for aviation students and brought part of the fleet down to have students get a lot of flying done!

While I was a this conference I spend quite a bit of time at the Westminster booth talking with perspective students and parents. I also had the chance to visit with other companies including airlines and talk about our favorite subject-aviation. The basic understanding that I took away from the conference is that there is a need for pilots and that need is going to continue to grow. Now is the time to become a pilot!

There are some alumni that currently live in Seattle so we got to visit with them and catch up. It was really nice to see one of the students that graduated with me, Christina since she now works for Kenmore Air. I would definitely visit the Seattle area again in the future!

After I got back from the conference I headed straight down to St. George, Utah which is located in southern Utah. It very rarely snows down there and is a great place for students to do multiple lessons a day to catch up, or get ahead with the lesson that they are on. Since it was Westminster's spring break many aviation students took advantage of the great weather and did this trip as part of their break! Everyone did a lot of flying while we were down there. It was also nice to get to know the students more than just while flying with them since we all stay in the same Hostel together. We would all go to dinner together, and play games after we were done flying for the day.

I just got back from these trips and was reflecting how much fun they both were for me. I am glad I had the opportunity to go on both trips for Westminster! It was great being able to go to Seattle and visit with Alumni and perspective students as well as seeing another part of the country. Flying in another part of Utah was also lots of fun and a unique experience! Especially when you are flying close to the Grand Canyon! When you are attending college be sure to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way, you never know what will happen or who you will meet. Hope everyone has been enjoying the past two weeks as much as I have!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Is Flying By!

I can't believe it is already February! Time is just going by so quickly. It has been feeling like winter lately and some of us are ready for a short break from the cold weather.

The aviation department entered a competition for a new simulator so Griff came out to the airport for a visit and get a few pictures taken. The picture had to involve a holiday so we ended up deciding to do something that had to do with Valentine's day. Be sure to vote for it on our Facebook page.

Photo Submitted To Contest
We have been getting some snow which is good for all of the students that ski and snowboard, just in time for our Winter Weekend at Westminster where some perspective students get to experience Westminster and see why the school sent 23 athletes to complete in the winter Olympics. It is a story that has been getting national news and is something for us fellow Griffins to be proud of.

I have been flying recently enjoying being up in the air and appreciating my job. This just makes me remind everyone to study something in college that you will enjoy, there is no reason to study something that does not make you happy. Aviation is something that I am passionate about and something that I am always happy to share with anyone that asks. I hope all of you enjoy the February weather!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Soaring Above The Clouds!

Last Monday the semester officially began for Westminster students. That meant that I started meeting with all my students and will have a regular schedule set up with all of them. There are all sorts of welcome back events for students to attend during the first few weeks of school.

I went back home to Massachusetts for the break, visiting with my family and friends while I was there. It is amazing to see how Utah has slowly started to feel like my new home now though. While I was home I went and explored the Boston Aquarium, walked around the city, went to a comedy club and visited with friends. There was a lot of snow on the East Coast and I actually got stuck there for an extra day.

I came back and started working right away by flying all over the Salt Lake valley! It is still somewhat strange being a college graduate and not having to worry about classes or homework. I have been feeling very confident about my Flight Instructor position because of all the training that Westminster provided me.

During a flight with one of my students we had the opportunity to fly over some clouds and experience "Visual Flight Rules (VFR) on top". This was a really neat experience and let us see what it is like flying above the clouds. I hope to see many perspective students on February 1st for the Westminster Experience Open House, just make sure you RSVP for the event!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Last Week Of The Semester!

Thanksgiving break was a few weeks ago which was a really nice time off of work for a few days. Westminster had Wednesday through Sunday off which was really nice! My sister came out to visit me and we drove down to St. George Utah to visit with family that lives down there. It was a great time, we especially enjoyed the warm 70 degree weather!

Winter decided to show up since it is now snowing and been cold this past week. It is making it feel more festive and around the holiday times. Everyone that either skis or snowboards has been really excited since all the resorts have opened up and they can all begin their winter.

This week at Westminster is finals week. As you walk around campus you can sense that everyone is studying and getting ready for them. Students need to remember that it is almost the end of the semester and winter break is going to be here before we know it. Many of the out of state students are leaving this week to go home for the holiday break.

I have still been flying and working with my students. I even had one of my students complete his first solo the other day! I think I was more nervous than he was to complete his solo and fly the plane without me in it. This is a big day for any pilot and I can still remember my first solo to this day. 

Last week (before all the snow) my student and I were flying and we got to fly right over the main terminals and see the airport from a unique perspective. It is a big advantage flying in the class bravo airspace. As a student you learn how to sound like a professional and feel comfortable going into any type of airspace, no matter how busy. It is a huge advantage to learn how to fly at Westminster!

I hope everyone enjoys the winter weather we have been having!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Exploring Utah From The Air!

Where is the time going? October just flew by so quickly! I have been busy working with my students and teaching them some additional flying skills. I cannot believe that November is already here and it is almost the holiday season.

It has been an experience teaching students the joys of aviation, we have been flying all over the region to places like Pocatello which is in Idaho, Vernal, Heber, Richfield, which are all in Utah. I still think it is really neat that these students get to go to these fun places for class credit!

Even though it snowed the other day the weather has been great lately! A little early in the year for snow but it all melted away and has been great fall weather. I'm not quite ready for more snow to come yet.

It has been a very interesting switch from being a student to now being finished with school and having different things to focus on. Sometimes I miss all of the events that used to happen on campus. Last week for Halloween all of the flight instructors had a costume competition to see who could come up with the best costume. I ended up dressing up as Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead series.

Next Saturday we are having one of our Westminster Experiences which will give prospective students a chance to see what Westminster is all about! There will be sample classes, current students and professors, and a chance to see what it means to be a Griffin for a day! As always all of the students interested in studying aviation will have a chance to try their hand at flying in our simulator and seeing what the program entails! Hope to see everyone at this event!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Sharing My Passion

I ended up volunteering like I have in years past to go help teach a class of elementary students all about aerodynamics and the basic forces that are involved with flight. This is always a great event and something many of us look forward to go help with every year. The Women In Aviation chapter started this project about three years ago and been going strong ever since.

Not only do we get to teach them about aerodynamics but we also get to show them hands on by building gliders with them, then competing with them by taking them outside and throwing them around. It is so much fun being able to volunteer as well as talk about my favorite subject, airplanes!

I have been enjoying seeing the city from a unique view lately by flying over it a few times a week. I have been staying busy instructing students and working with all of them. It has been great seeing the improvements with my students while they learn so many new things.

I also had the opportunity to go up flying during night time and get current landing at night. It is so different flying at night, I always compare it to being on a boat during the night time since you only see the aircraft lights and city lights. A very unique situation. Hope everyone has been enjoying this nice weather we are having!